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Consumable Management

The Consumable Management module enables you to manage inbound and outbound operations, perform warehouse activities, and inventory control.

The Consumable Management window contains the movement details of the Consumables in the stock.

Upper unnamed section - displays the Location and Manager of the stock. When the Location or Manager field is filled out, you can open the location or person record correspondingly by clicking the field label that becomes a hyperlink.

Stock Movement tab

The Stock Movement tab shows a list of inventory movement details. You can use this report to monitor inventory history and to identify business cycles. This tab shows a read-only summary of all changes introduced in the object record. You can open stock movement details in a separate window by double-clicking its record in the grid.

Threshold Notification Rules tab

The Threshold Notification Rules tab allows you to define thresholds for particular Consumables in the stock and corresponding actions to perform with the items. For example, when inventory of a particular Consumable reaches a specified threshold, a certain number of items should be reordered from a Vendor. You specify the threshold notification rules as follows: