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PO Items

The PO Items component displays the list of all purchase order line items in the company. Each PO Item is a record within a Purchase Order record that combines several identical assets of a particular type that can be described as one line item. A PO can contain multiple PO items, such as computers, hardware devices, or software licenses ordered from a single vendor. For example, if you want to prepare a purchase order for 20 notebooks, 20 sets of mice and keyboards, and 20 licensed copies of Windows 10 Professional from a single vendor, you must create one PO and add four line items to it: one for 20 notebooks, one for 20 mouse devices, one for 20 keyboards, and one for 20 licenses of Windows 10.

NOTE: You can add PO items only to the "draft" Purchase Orders. To add a PO item to a Purchase Order, click the Add Line Item action on the Action Bar on the right.

To access the PO Items grid, select either Purchasing > PO Items in the Sidebar, or Go > PO Items from the main menu.

Double-clicking any record in the Items sub-tab of the General tab of the Purchase Order window, opens the PO Itemin a separate window.