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Setting up LDAP Authentication for the SSP

When all of your domain users can use the Self Service Portal, you may want to avoid duplicating user accounts in Alloy Navigator Express. With LDAP authentication enabled for the Self Service Portal you do not need to create SSP Customer accounts for domain users.

You set up LDAP authentication for the Self Service Portal in the Customization > General > Self Service Portal > LDAP Authentication section.

NOTE: To be able to enable domain users to sign in to the SSP without accounts, you must first create a corresponding Domain Credentials record and provide connection parameters. For details, see Managing domain credentials.

To configure user authentication:

  • The Customization > General > Self Service Portal > SSO Authentication section displays Domain Credentials records created under Services > Active Directory Integration > Domains Credentials. To allow users from a specific domain or directory service container to sign in to the Self Service Portal without Alloy Navigator Express accounts, select the check box for the corresponding domain or container.

    NOTE: For details on inventory data processing when creating new Person records, see Configuring Active Directory data mapping.