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Customizing Web App preview forms

Introduced in 2022.2

The Web App allows previewing associated objects without opening them and getting away from the current object record. To show a preview, click the Show Preview icon in the corresponding field, and the preview form flies out. This article describes how to customize what Web App users see in preview forms, also known as "preview fly-out forms" or "preview flyouts."

A preview form contains object fields, which could be physical or virtual:

  • Physical fields represent object properties and are directly related to data fields in the database, such as Incident's Status, Submit Date, or Summary.

  • Virtual fields are temporary fields for displaying dynamic content (macros and field values of other objects). For example, the preview form for Approval Requests may display the Summary of the object the request applies to.

When a preview form has many fields, they may be grouped into sections to make it easier to read. Each section would have a caption and individual text, if needed. The visibility of each section is controlled by a condition, a logical operation based on object field values and system macros. When the preview form opens, Alloy Navigator Express checks the section condition, and displays the section only when the condition is true.

Alloy Navigator Express comes with the default preview forms for all object classes. You can customize the preview form for a particular object class: remove unneeded fields, add new fields, re-organize fields into sections, change the display order, etc.

TIP: You may want to export your current preview form definition for backup purposes before making any changes. For details, see Exporting configuration settings.

To configure a preview flyout:

  1. In the Settings App, go to the definition of the preview flyout for the desired object class: General > Web App View Forms > [Object Class].

    Alliteratively, you can access the preview form definition under Customization > [Module] > [Object Class] > Web App View Form.

  2. Specify the preview form contents: fields, sections, and text.

    • New - click and select the element to add to the Form:

      • Field - brings up the Form Field window, where you can configure a new field on the preview form.

      • Section - brings up the Section window, where you can configure a new section for the preview form.

      • Text - brings up the Text window, where you can add static or linked text to be displayed on the preview form.

    • Edit - opens the Form Field window, Section window, or Text window, where you can modify the selected field, section caption, or text.

    • Delete - deletes the selected field, section separator, or text.

      NOTE: When you delete or move a section, you move or delete only the separator but not the fields it holds.

    • Move Up / Move Down - moves the selected field, section separator, or text up or down on the preview form.

  3. Click Save on the Standard toolbar to apply your changes.