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E-mail Notification page

On this page you specify the data for the alert notification to be sent by e-mail. In order to send the e-mail notifications, the Automation Server connects to the specified mail server that sends all the messages to their recipients. When completing the wizard, it is recommended to check your outgoing mail configuration (for details, see Testing outgoing e-mail settings).

Enter the values for the following fields:

  • From (optional) - the e-mail address from where the alert notification is sent.

  • To - the e-mail address of the person that receives the alert notification.

  • CC - the e-mail address where the copy of the alert notification is sent.

  • BCC - the e-mail address where the blind copy of the alert notification is sent.

  • Subject - the subject of the e-mail message.

  • Body - the body of the e-mail message.

There are macros that are supported in the alert message. You can use macros in the Subject and Body fields. For detailed information about the available macros, see Macros for Network Inventory alerts.

To insert a macro:

  1. Select the field where you want to insert a macro.

  2. Click Insert Placeholder and choose the macro from the pop-up list.

Click Next to proceed with the wizard.