Administration Guide

Auto-Generation of IT Asset Barcodes

Unlike other identifiers, the Barcode for IT assets (Computers, Inventory Items, Software Licenses, and Library Items) can contain only digits without a prefix. Machine-readable barcode interpretation consists of arrays of black and white squares (QR codes) or lines and spaces of various widths (linear barcodes) that create specific patterns recognizable by barcode readers.

TIP: Use our native Alloy Inventory Scanner mobile app to perform physical inventory of IT assets. Alloy Inventory Scanner works with both 1D and 2D barcodes. For details, see How Tos: How to inventory your IT assets using barcodes.

The screenshot below illustrates a linear asset barcode.

TIP: Print out barcode labels for your IT assets using one of our standard summary reports: Asset QR Code Labels or Asset Barcode Label. The Asset QR Code Labels report generates QR codes, the Asset Barcode Label report generates linear barcodes (Code 128 or Code 39). Barcodes are unique throughout all IT assets in your database, i.e. throughout Computers, Inventory Items, Software Licenses, and Library Items.

To enable or disable the auto-generation of barcodes, change the length, or specify the next number:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Customization > General > Object Identifiers.

  2. Double-click Barcode in the IT Assets section. The Auto-generation Policy[Barcode] dialog box opens.

  3. To enable the auto-generation, select the Generate automatically check box. You can disable it by clearing that check box, if needed.

  4. To modify the length, specify the value in the Number of Digits field.

    By default, barcodes in Alloy Navigator Express are 9 digits long. The minimum barcode length is 7, and the maximum length is 25 characters.

  5. The Next ID field displays the next identifier that will be generated for a new Asset. If you continue the numbering sequence with a specific number, click Change and provide a different starting number.

  6. Click OK.

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