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Working with the Notification Queue

All outgoing notifications, both e-mail and push, are kept in the queue until they are successfully sent out. The Automation Server periodically checks the queue for notifications pending to be sent out.

TIP: You can customize the default frequency of checking the queue under Notifications > Global Settings. For details, see Customizing global notification settings.

In the Notifications > Notification Queue section, you can view the Notification Queue and manage queued notifications. Before you begin, make sure that the Automation Server is configured and started.

IMPORTANT: If the Queue Status section displays warning messages, check your outgoing notifications settings. Otherwise, no notifications can be sent out from the queue. For details, seeSetting up outgoing e-mail notifications and Testing outgoing e-mail settings.

You can manage the notifications as follows:

  • ClosedTo pause or resume the Notification Queue:

    • If you want to pause the outbound notification queue, click Pause under Queue Status. When the queue is paused, notifications accumulate in the queue and stay there until you force-send individual notifications or resume queue processing.

    • NOTE: While the queue is paused, the Desktop App informs users about it and displays who and when paused the queue.

    • To resume queue processing, click Resume.

  • ClosedTo force notification delivery:

    • Select one or more notifications you want to force-send and click Send. You can force-send notifications even when the queue is paused.

      NOTE: Each time you force notification delivery, Alloy Navigator Express logs statistics in the Outgoing Notifications Log.

  • ClosedTo refresh the Notification Queue information:

    • The Notification Queue automatically refreshes every ten seconds. If needed, you can refresh it manually by clicking Refresh (or pressing F5 on the keyboard).

  • ClosedTo view notification details:

  • ClosedTo delete notifications from the queue:

    • Select one or several notifications in the list and click Delete Selected Item(s) icon. The selected notifications are removed from the queue.