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Customizing global notification settings

In the Notifications > Global Settings section you can customize the default settings that Alloy Navigator Express uses to send both e-mail and push notifications. The default settings are usually good enough for most users, but you can customize them if needed.

To customize the global notifications settings:

  1. To change the default time interval for checking the Notification Queue, set your value in the Check notification queue every [n] second(s) field.

    TIP: The default interval of five minutes (300 seconds) provides optimal performance, and we do not recommend that you reduce it. However, when every second counts and you really need your notifications to be sent out seconds after they have been generated, you can change the interval to configure a more rapid message flow.

  2. By default, the Alloy Navigator Express workflow mechanism has the self-notification option enabled. A self-notification is a notification sent to the user who performed the workflow action which triggered the notification.

    To avoid redundant notifications, select the Do not send notifications to users who trigger them check box.

    TIP: This option affects only recipients specified in the To field. Selecting the Do not send notifications to users who trigger them check box does not prevent Alloy Navigator Express from sending self-notifications to recipients specified in CC and BCC fields.

  3. By default, notifications with no recipient are marked as failed and left in the queue. The Automation Server will attempt to send them again the next time the queue is checked.

    If you want to delete such notifications from the queue, click Delete the notification from the queue.

  4. Click Save on the toolbar to save your changes.