Network Inventory User's Guide

Adding Windows Audit Credentials

Windows audit credentials provide the authentication information for Windows client computers. These credentials must correspond to a user account that is a member of the local Administrators group on each Windows client computer (either directly or through the membership in a Windows domain group).

You can have multiple credentials and then use them as needed for the Direct Network Scan of various network segments. On the first run, the Quick Start Wizard prompts you for Windows credentials and saves them as the first option.

INFO: For details on the first audit with the Quick Start Wizard, see Quick Start with Network Inventory.

To add a new record for Windows audit credentials, follow the steps:

  1. Select Audit > Audit Settings from the main menu. The Audit Settings dialog box opens.
  2. Using the navigation bar, navigate to Audit Credentials.
  3. Click New > Windows. The [Credentials Name] dialog box opens.
  4. Specify the credentials:
    • To provide a domain account:
      1. Type in the user login name and password. In the Domain field, select or type in the domain name. Alternatively, you can just type in a full domain user name in the User Name field (such as COMPANY\audit).

        NOTE: We recommend that you use credentials for a domain administrative account.

      2. Click Test Login to test your login as follows:

    • To provide a local account, type in the user name and password and leave <Local Computer> in the Domain field.

      NOTE: This local account must exist on every client computer you want audited.

  5. Specify a unique name that Network Inventory will use to identify this credential record. By default, the Name field is initialized with the login name. You can customize it, if needed.
  6. Click OK.

You have the flexibility to use Windows audit credentials for an entire network segment or to override this setting with different credentials for individual Windows computers.