Network Inventory User's Guide

Viewing the Change History for All Computers and Chromebooks

To view the Change History for all computers and Chromebooks:

  1. Access the dashboard by selecting View > Dashboard from the main menu.
  2. View Change History statistics in the Change History section.

    By default, changes are shown for the current date. You can choose another time period in the drop-down list on the right, or select another filter condition in the Show Changes drop-down list (either For date, For month, or For year) and then select the desired value in the drop-down list on the right.

  3. If you want to access the detailed change history for all computers and Chromebooks, click the View Complete History link.

    NOTE: Alternatively, you can select Tools > Change History from the main menu.

    The detailed Change History data grid usually contains a very large number of records. You may want to reduce the amount of displayed data by applying a filter.

    INFO: For details, see Analyzing Inventory Data Using Grids.

  4. If you want to view the details of a Change Event, double-click the Change Event record to bring up the Change Event dialog box.