Network Inventory User's Guide

Preview Pane

When you select a record in any grid (All Nodes, Computers, Chromebooks, or Network Devices), the preview pane below the grid displays a summary of available information about the selected record. The preview pane also contains the action list providing you access to frequent functions and tools for the selected record.

TIP: For details, see Network Inventory app.

The following commands are available on the preview pane:

  • Audit Now — initiates the direct network scan of the computer or network device. This command is available only for computers and network devices of your local area network.

  • Show Details — opens the audit snapshot in the Audit Snapshot Viewer. This command is available only for audited computers.

  • Telnet, Ping, etc. — run Integrations. These commands are available for all records.

    NOTE: To add or modify Integrations, select Tools > Integrations > Configure Integrations from the main menu. For details, see Using Integrations.