How to use Alloy Self-Service mobile app

Introduced in 2023.1

Alloy Self-Service is our native app that gives end-users mobile access to Alloy Navigator Express. This article describes what tasks you can perform with Alloy Self-Service, who can use the app, and how to get started.

Alloy Self Service is available for iOS and Android devices.

IMPORTANT: Alloy Self-Service mobile app requires Alloy Navigator Express 2022.1 or later.

What tasks can you do with Alloy Self-Service?

The app provides mobile access to the self-service portal, where you can:

  • submit tickets, monitor their progress, and add comments
  • browse the service catalog and request services from the support team
  • see your approval requests and communicate your decision
  • search the knowledge base for ready-to-use solutions
  • reserve equipment from the equipment lending library
  • access your IT assets and quickly report issues with them
  • view announcements and important news from your service support team

Who can use Alloy Self-Service?

The app is immediately available to all Self Service Portal users as long as they have SSP Customer accounts in Alloy Navigator Express.

Before you begin

Before can start using the mobile app, you need to obtain these connection settings from your Alloy Navigator Express administrator:

  • API URL - the address of the Alloy Navigator Express API module (for example,

    Ask your Alloy Navigator Express administrator for that address if you don't have it.

  • Username/ Password - the credentials of your Alloy Navigator Express customer account. These are the same credentials you use to sign in to the Alloy Navigator Express Self-Service Portal.

How to get started

Once you sign in to Alloy Navigator Express in your Alloy Self-Service mobile app, you will land on the home screen. The home screen consists of a search box for searching the knowledge base, large buttons for submitting tickets, requesting services, and asking questions (the knowledge search again), and widgets for quick access to announcements, latest activities, your open tickets, and all available self-service tasks.

NOTE: The appearance of the home screen depends on your mobile device and the app configuration controlled by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator.