Reconciling Discovered Installations

Reconciliation is an adjustment procedure that allocates software licenses to discovered software installations. There may be situations were a software installation is discovered unexpectedly, i.e. on devices that are not associated with the corresponding license. Such installations appear in Alloy Navigator Express as unreconciled installations. You can manually reconcile them by allocating the corresponding Software License to computers where such installations were discovered, as follows:

  1. In the Discovered Installations grid select the software product that doesn’t have an allocated license.
  2. Click the Tracked Software link in the Licensing and Tracking section.
  3. Under Licenses, double-click a Software License.
  4. Click the Allocation tab and choose one of the following:
    • To allocate the license to all computers with unreconciled installations of the product, click Allocate > Auto-allocate to Computers with unreconciled Installations only.

      NOTE: For auto-allocation of licenses to computers with discovered unreconciled installations Alloy Navigator Express uses a sequence of rules. For details, see Auto-allocation of Software Licenses.

    • To allocate the license to specific computers where the associated software was discovered, click Allocate > To Computers with discovered Installations, select one or several computers, and click OK.

      NOTE: You can also access the Allocate > To Computers with discovered Installations command in the corresponding Tracked Software record (on the Allocated Licenses tab).

    Alternatively, you can allocate a license to a computer:

    • from the corresponding Computer record (on the Software / Discovered Installation tab)
    • from the corresponding Software Product record (on the Discovered Installations tab).

    The command is named Reconcile.