How to create and maintain customer satisfaction survey

You can collect feedback on resolution of tickets and service requests. For this purpose, the Self Service Portal provides the Customer Satisfaction Survey feature.

The default workflow pack includes everything necessary to help you create and maintain a customer satisfaction survey as described below. You can use this approach out of box or customize it as needed.

  1. Once a Ticket is resolved, the requester is invited to participate in the survey.

    Tickets have the Rating Enabled logical field. When this field is set to TRUE, the Self Service Portal offers the requester to rate their satisfaction level from 0.5 to 5 stars and add a free-form comment.

    The default workflow pack includes the "Customer Satisfaction Survey" Ticket Policy and the "Invite requester to participate in the satisfaction survey" E-mail Notification. When a technician resolves a Ticket, the policy sets the Rating Enabled Ticket’s field to TRUE and, after a whine, the workflow engine triggers sending an email notification, which invites the Ticket requester to rate their experience with the support.

    Result: Customers receive an email containing the details of the resolved Ticket along with an invitation to rate their experience.

  2. Customers provide their feedback.

    The requester clicks the Rate it button at the top of the Ticket’s page and then rates the quality of received service, optionally add a comment, and click Submit my rating to submit the feedback. The rating and comment appear at the top of the Details section.

    The Rate it button for the requester:

    The requester is providing feedback:

    Result: The numeric rating and a comment are stored in the database, in the Rating and Comment fields, respectively. In the Web App and Desktop App, the rating and comment are displayed on the Feedback sub-tab of the Ticket details dialog box.

  3. Monitor Ticket rating in your IT department.

    In the Settings, you can customize the dashboard to provide special chart widgets to visualize customer satisfaction levels or generate customer satisfaction reports.

  4. INFO: For details on customizing the dashboard, see Administration Guide: Setting Up the Dashboard. For details on working with reports, see Help: Reports.

    Result: You can monitor customer satisfaction levels, as well as capture and analyze their feedback to help you improve your services.

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