Administration Guide

Managing the Notification Queue

All outgoing e-mail messages and push notifications are kept in the queue until they are successfully sent out. The Automation Server periodically checks the e-mail queue for pending notifications. You set the frequency of checking for queued notifications when configuring global notifications settings.

INFO: For details, see Customizing Global Notifications Settings.

Using the Notification Queue, you can view queued notifications. The following information is available:

  • Type — the notification type, either Email or Push

  • Queue Date — the date and time of the notification

  • Executor — the event that triggered the notification

  • Host — the name of the computer running the Alloy Navigator Express module where the notification was generated

  • Initiator — the Alloy Navigator Express module which produced the notification

  • BCC, CC, From, To, Subject — the contents of the standard e-mail fields

  • Status — the status of the message, either Pending or Failed

  • Attachment Count — the number of files attached

  • Attachment Size — the total size of attachments

  • Content Type — the message content type (HTML, plain text, or HTML template)

You can temporarily pause the mail queue, resume it, force individual notifications to be sent, and delete unwanted notifications from the queue before they are sent.

IMPORTANT: If the Notifications > Notification Queue section displays warning messages under Queue Status, correct your outgoing mail settings. Otherwise, no messages can be sent out from the queue. For details, see Configuring the Notifications Settings.