Administration Guide

Customizing the Dashboard

You can customize the dashboard as follows:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Customization > General > Dashboard Management > Dashboard and click Edit. The Dashboard Designer dialog box opens.
  2. Configure the layout:

    The dashboard’s layout is a grid of cells, i.e. a combination of rows and columns. You add widgets to the dashboard by placing them into layout cells. You can modify the dashboard layout manually, or you can apply one of reusable layouts.

    • To apply one of reusable layouts to the dashboard, click Select Layout. The Select Layout dialog box opens. Click one of layout icons, then click OK.

      IMPORTANT: Layouts must be configured prior to configuring the dashboard.

    • To modify the current layout, click Edit Layout. For details on configuring layouts, see Creating and Modifying Dashboard Layouts.

      NOTE: When you modify a dashboard’s layout, this does not affect any of reusable layouts. All modifications you make will remain local to that dashboard.

  3. After having configured the layout, specify dashboard’s content by adding various widgets to layout cells:
    • Add widgets that will be displayed in the dashboard. To do this, just drag-and-drop widgets from the widget list on the left to layout cells.

      IMPORTANT: Widgets must be created prior to customizing the dashboard. For details, see Creating and Modifying Dashboard Widgets.

    • Optionally, rearrange widgets on the dashboard. You can grab widgets by the title bar and move them from one cell to another, or remove them from the dashboard.
  4. Click Save.