Administration Guide

Creating and Modifying Dashboard Layouts

This section describes the steps of creating and modifying of reusable dashboard layouts, that can be quickly applied to the dashboard.

To create or modify a layout, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to the Customization > General > Dashboard Management > Layouts section. To create a new layout, click New. To modify an existing layout, select a layout in the list and click Edit. The Dashboard Layout Designer dialog box opens.
  2. Under Properties, specify a name for the layout.
  3. Configure the layout.

    The grid is divided into cells by rows and columns. You can break each row into multiple columns and add multiple rows to each column. New rows and columns can be added using the New Row and New Column buttons and deleted using the Delete button:

    • To add a row to the bottom of the layout, select any top-level row and click New Row. A new column will be added automatically inside the newly created row.
    • To add a row inside a column, select this column and click New Row. A new column will be added automatically inside the new row.
    • To add a column, select the row where you want to place the new column and click New Column. In the New Column dialog box, specify whether the column width will be determined automatically or provide a spicific width either in pixels or as a percentage of the cell's width.
    • To delete a row or column from the layout, select it and click Delete.

      NOTE: Each row must contain at least one column. The last remaining column cannot be removed, however you still have the option of removing the entire row. When you delete a row or column, all its child elements are also deleted.

  4. If needed, rearrange columns and rows within the layout. To do this, select a column or row and click Move Up or Move Down.
  5. Click OK.