Administration Guide

Web Components

Updated in 8.5

Alloy Navigator Express is shipped with three web services:

  • Alloy Navigator Web App — The Web App is a web interface for IT personnel to all Alloy Navigator Express functions.
  • Alloy Navigator Express Mobile App — The Mobile App is a mobile interface for IT personnel to Tickets and Announcements.
  • Alloy Navigator Express Self Service Portal — The Self Service Portal is a web interface for your customers and internal company users to the Service Desk, Knowledge Base and other modules of Alloy Navigator Express.
  • Alloy Navigator API module — The API module enables you to integrate your external applications with Alloy Navigator Express.

Web Configuration tool

The Web Configuration tool helps you set up Mobile App API, and Self Service Portal. You use this tool to deploy and configure all your Alloy Navigator Express portals and API once they have been installed. In addition, using the Web Configuration tool you can modify the initial configuration when needed, copy and move web services to a new location, and delete deployed instances if you do not need them.

You can start the Web Configuration tool as follows: