Administration Guide

Making Fields Read-Only

A read-only field is a field that users can view, but not modify. You can make both system and user-defined fields read-only as follows:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to the field list of the object class where you want to make a read-only field. For example, to access the list of Library Item fields, go to Customization > IT Assets > Equipment Lending Library > Fields.
  2. Double-click the field. The Field Properties (for a system field) or User Defined Field (for a user-defined field) dialog box appears.
  3. Under Options, select the Read Only check box.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save on the Standard toolbar to save the changes.

You can also make a field read-only when creating a new UDF or customizing a system field label.

INFO: For details, see Adding User-Defined Fields or Customizing System Fields.