Administration Guide

Exporting complete workflow packs

You can export a complete workflow pack for an object class (or even for all object classes) to an individual export file, and mark this file as complete. This mode should be used to export everything that is necessary to restore or replicate the complete business logic configuration for the object class or the entire configuration of the Settings.

  1. Choose what to export:
    • If you want to export the entire configuration of the Settings, click File > Export and Import > Export All Settings on the main menu.

    • To export a complete workflow pack for a single object class, select that class in the Customization section. For example, to export all workflow settings for Tickets, navigate to Customization > Service Desk > Tickets.

  2. Click Export Selected Settings on the Standard toolbar. The Configuration Export Wizard starts and the Welcome page opens.

  3. Click Next to proceed. The Create a complete workflow pack page opens.

  4. Click Mark the output file as complete and then click Next. The Specify the export file page opens.

    INFO: For details, see Complete workflow packs and complete output files.

  5. Browse to the location where you want to save the .xml file. You can choose to create a new file, or you can select an existing file to overwrite it with the new content. Click Next. The File description page opens.

  6. Optionally type a description of the workflow pack you are exporting. Click Next. The Ready to export page opens.

  7. Review the Ready to Export page. If you want to change any of the export options, you can go back to the previous pages by clicking Back. To start exporting, click Export.

  8. The system confirms when export has been successful. Click OK.