Administration Guide

Specifying the Web App URL for Direct Links

Before using Web App, you must specify its URL that is stored in the database as the value of a system macro. This macro is used to build direct links to objects in various workflow notifications.

To customize the Web App link system macro:

  1. In the Settings App, go to Customization > General > Advanced > System Macros.

  2. Enter your URL value in the Web App Link field.

  3. Click Save from the module menu to save your changes.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can customize the macro when configuring the Web App, using the Web Configuration tool. For details, see Installation Guide: Customizing the Web App Link Macro.

More information about the URL

The URL of the Web App must be in the following format:

[site name]:[port number]/[virtual directory name]

If you install your web server instance to the root directory of a web site, the URL will be a direct reference to this site. For example,

If you are using a virtual directory for your web application configuration, the virtual directory name should be a part of the URL. For example, if your server's host name is "", specifying "webapp" as the virtual directory name will result in the following URL: