Administration Guide

Controlling Availability of Actions

Alloy Navigator Express is shipped with a predefined set of Actions for handling objects of any class: Tickets, Knowledge Base Articles, Computers, Consumables, Persons, etc. Those Actions enable users to perform their tasks more efficiently and with very little room for error.

For example, Alloy Navigator Express 2024 offers the following Actions for working with Tickets:

  • Assign to...
  • Assign to me
  • Change Status
  • Close Ticket
  • Copy Ticket
  • Create Child Ticket
  • Create Quick Article
  • Log Work
  • Notify Requester
  • Notify Requester's Manager
  • Notify Technician
  • Notify...
  • Reopen Ticket
  • Resolve Ticket
  • Search Google

Security roles help you to control the availability of Actions to technicians. Any Action is available only to technicians who possess the role or one of the one roles the Action is assigned to. This way, different Actions can be made available to different technical teams or groups, depending on their specific tasks and responsibilities.

In the Desktop App, Mobile App, and the Web App, technicians access Actions through the Action Bar, a special toolbar designed to inform and guide technicians through the business process. Actions can also be accessed through the Actions menu. Out of all Actions that are available to the technician through their role membership, the Action Bar shows only those that are valid in the current situation, depending on the object’s current state. For example, a closed Ticket cannot be assigned, or an open Ticket cannot be reopened, therefore corresponding Actions should be hidden be unavailable and either disabled or removed from the Action Bar.

INFO: For details, see Actions.