Customizing regional settings

In the Customization > Regional Settings section, you can customize the formats Alloy Navigator Expressuses to display currency and time duration values. These settings apply to the Desktop App, Settings App, and web servicesClosed (Web App for Technicians, Self Service Portal, and the deprecated Mobile App Service) .

Currency format

By default, Alloy Navigator Express displays currency values, such as Unit Price for Purchase Order Items, using the same format as the computer where the administrator ran the Database Management tool to create the Alloy Navigator Express database. You can change this format, if needed.

NOTE: The currency format does not apply to reports, which use currency settings from their locale. You can change the locale for Microsoft Report Builder reports in the Customization > Report Settings section. For more information, see Personalizing reports - Changing the default locale.

To change the currency format:

  1. Under Currency Format, in the Currency symbol field, enter the currency symbol. Examples: $ (U.S. dollar), € (Euro), £ (pound sterling), ¥ (Japanese yen, Chinese yuan).

  2. In the Positive currency format field, choose the format for displaying positive currency values.

  3. In the Negative currency format field, choose the format for displaying negative currency values.

  4. In the No. of digits after decimal field, specify the number of digits after the decimal point in currency values.

  5. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

To set the system default settings for currency:

  1. Click the Reset button. This sets your system default regional settings for currency.

  2. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

Duration format

Alloy Navigator Expressdisplays duration values, such as Time Spent for Tickets, using the format specified in the Settings App. You can change this format, if needed.

To change the duration format:

  1. Under Duration Format, in the Time duration format field, enter the format. The notations mean: HH - Hours and NN - miNutes.

  2. In the When duration is less than 1 hour field, enter the format for short time periods (less than 60 minutes).

  3. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.