Customizing the Currency Format

By default, Alloy Navigator Express components display currency values, such as the Unit Price for Purchase Order Items, using the same format settings as the computer where the administrator ran the Database Management tool to create the Alloy Navigator Express database. You can change this format, if needed.

You customize the currency format for Alloy Navigator Express using the Regional Settings section of the Settings. To access this section, navigate to Customization > General > Regional Settings from the Sidebar.

To change the currency format:

  1. In the Positive currency format field, choose the format for displaying positive currency values.
  2. In the Negative currency format field, choose the format for displaying negative currency values.
  3. In the No. of digits after decimal field, specify the number of digits after the decimal point in currency values.
  4. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

To set the system default settings for currency:

  1. Click the Reset button. This sets your system default regional settings for currency.
  2. Click Save on the Standard toolbar.

NOTE: The customizable currency format does not apply to reports! Reports use currency settings from their locale. You can change the locale for reports in the Customization > General > Report Settings section. For more information, see Changing the Default Locale.