Starting and Stopping the Automation Server

On the computer where the Automation Server is running, you can start, stop, and restart the Automation Server as follows:

  1. Run the Alloy Automation Server Manager (for example, open the Alloy Control Panel from the Start menu: Start > Alloy Software > Alloy Control Panel, and click the Automation Server icon).
  2. Enter the name or IP address of the SQL server hosting your Alloy Navigator Express database, the database name, and provide your Alloy Navigator Express administrative credentials.
  3. View the server status at the top of the window.
  4. Use the Start, Stop, or Restart buttons for starting, stopping, or restarting the Automation Server, respectively.

INFO: On restart, the Automation Server first runs overdue (Next Run Date in the past) jobs and triggers, which have been scheduled but have not been run on time.

NOTE: You can view any errors related to starting and running the Automation Server using the Event Viewer snap-in; the application name is AlloyAutomationServer8.

INFO: For details on configuring the Automation Server, see Installation Guide: Configuring Automation Server.