Installation Guide

Configuring Automation Server

The Automation Server is a crucial component of the Alloy Navigator Express system. This Windows service is dedicated to running the following automated tasks within Alloy Navigator Express and Network Inventory:

  • In Alloy Navigator Express:
    • Sending outgoing e-mail
    • Running the Active Directory Synchronization
    • Running the Mail Connector job
    • Running recurrent Tickets
    • Triggering Ticket Business Policies and other workflow items
    • Running the Network Inventory Synchronization
  • In Network Inventory:
    • Discovering computers and network devices
    • Auditing computers
    • Checking audit sources for new snapshots
    • Importing audit snapshots from the portable media
    • Recognizing software products installed on audited computers and populating the Software Catalog
  • In both Alloy Navigator and Network Inventory:
    • Logging all events