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Source Database

Updated in 2021.2

Specify the source database—the database you want to upgrade or pilot-test. It could be an Alloy Navigator or Alloy Navigator Express database of a previous or the same version.

  1. Specify the SQL Server that hosts your existing production database. This database is referred to as "source database."

    NOTE: If your SQL Server is configured to accept connections on a non-standard port, add this port number after the server name, separating them with a comma; for example: SERVER001,5618.

  2. Provide the credentials with the 'sysadmin' fixed server role. These credentials will only be used for upgrading the database and will not be stored.

    • To log in using your Windows account, choose Windows Authentication. You are not required to type in a login and password.

    • To use your SQL Server account, choose SQL Server Authentication and enter your SQL login name and password.

  3. Select the name of the source database from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Next.