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Database Backup/Restore Wizard

Updated in 2023.1

Microsoft SQL Server only

The Database Backup/Restore Wizard helps you protect your Alloy Navigator database by creating backup files. Backing up your database regularly is recommended to prevent potential data loss in case of hard drive crashes or other failures.

Before starting to restore a database, make sure all users are logged off from Alloy Navigator; otherwise, the restore operation will fail.

To start the Database Backup/Restore wizard:

  • Launch dbBackup.exe, located in the /Bin folder under your Alloy Navigator installation folder.

The wizard includes the following pages:

You can use the Database Backup/Restore Wizard to copy an Alloy Navigator database from one SQL server to another by taking the following steps:

  1. Use the wizard to back up the database on the source SQL server.

  2. Copy the backup file to the destination SQL server.

  3. Use the wizard to restore the database on the destination SQL server.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can back up and restore your database by using Microsoft SQL Server management tools.

The Database Backup/Restore Wizard has a command-line interface, so you can automate it.

INFO: For instructions, see Command-line options for the Database Backup/Restore Wizard.