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Command-line parameters for the Database Backup/Restore Wizard

Using the command-line parameters allows you to run the Database Backup/Restore Wizard in the non-interactive mode. For example, you can back up and restore the database automatically by creating a Windows Scheduled Task.

The executable file DbBackup.exe is located in the /Bin sub-folder of your Alloy Navigator installation folder.

The following table lists the command-line parameters that are available for the Database Backup/Restore Wizard:

Parameter Description

/? or /h

Displays the full list of command-line options in a separate window.


Backs up the database.


Restores the database.


Specifies the SQL Server.


Specifies the Alloy Navigator database to back up or restore.


Specifies whether to log in using Windows authentication. If the option is TRUE, the login is performed under the current user account using Windows authentication. The FALSE or absent option denotes SQL Server authentication.


The SQL Server login name for a user account to log in to the database (applicable with SQL Server authentication only).


The password for a user account to log in to the database (applicable with SQL Server authentication only).


The full path and name of the backup file.

All the parameters are case-insensitive.


  • The following command backs up the DB_001 database hosted on the SERVER_001 server using Windows authentication and places the DB_001.bkp backup file to the C:\Program Files\Alloy Software\Alloy Navigator 2022\BackUp\ folder:

    DbBackup.exe /BACKUP /SERVER=SERVER_001 /DB=DB_001 /WinAuth=TRUE /FILE="C:\Program Files\Alloy Software\Alloy Navigator2022\BackUp\DB_001.bkp"
  • The following command restores the DB_002 database on the SERVER_002 server from the C:\Program Files\Alloy Software\Alloy Navigator2022\BackUp\DB_001.bkp file using SQL Server authentication:

    DbBackup.exe /RESTORE /SERVER=SERVER_002/DB=DB_002 /User="user_login" /Password="password"/FILE="C:\Program Files\Alloy Software\Alloy Navigator2022\BackUp\DB_001.bkp"