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Manage Reports window

The Manage Reports window lists the available detail reports for a particular class of objects. To access this window, open any object of this class and choose Print > Manage Reports from the Module menu.

From the Manage Reports window, you can run any detail report, regardless of whether it is shown in the Print menu or not.

To run a report from the Manage Reports window:

  1. Select the report and click Run Report.

  2. If the chosen report requires setting parameters, specify them in the Report Parameters window that opens and click OK.

  3. The report appears in the Report Viewer window. Choose what you want to do next:

    1. To export the report, click the Export button and choose the export format. Then specify the destination location and click OK.

    2. To print the report, click the Print button, specify the print options, and click OK.

  1. Close the Report Viewer window.

In addition, in the Manage Reports window, you can perform these tasks: