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Enabling customer satisfaction survey for Service Requests

Service Requests have the logical Rating Enabled field displayed on the Feedback sub-tab of their detail form. When the Rating Enabled field is TRUE, the Self Service Portal provides the requester with the ability to rate the satisfaction level from 0.5 to 5 stars and add a free-form comment.

The Service Request's numeric rating and a comment are stored in the database, in Rating and Comment fields respectively, and displayed on the Feedback sub-tab.

Typically, after a Service Request is resolved, Alloy Navigator automatically sets the Rating Enabled field to TRUE and triggers sending a special email notification. This notification invites the requester to rate their experience with the support.

When the Rating Enabled field is TRUE, theService Request's requester can access the Self Service Portal, click the Rate it! button at the top of the page and then rate the support, optionally add a comment, and click Submit my rating to save the changes.