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Creating hierarchy of Tasks

Project Tasks are organized in a hierarchical structure. You can build an hierarchy of Tasks with an unlimited number of nesting levels. You view existing hierarchy and build the tree using the Gantt Chart tab of the Project. Or you can build up a tree by creating sub-tasks (see the Sub-Tasks tab) for any Tasks records within a Project.

To create a sub-task using the Gantt Chart:

  1. Open the Project record.

  2. Click the Gantt Chart tab.

  3. In the Tasks grid, right-click the parent Task record and choose New Sub Task > Sub-Task from the pop-up menu.

  4. In the fly-out form, enter required information and click Submit.

When you are viewing the tree, Tasks that have descendants are marked with the plus sign on the left. Clicking this icon expands the node and shows the subordinate records. To view all subordinate Tasks, click anywhere on the tree and click the Expand All / Collapse All icon on the Module menu.

TIP: To move Tasks in the hierarchical tree, you can use the Indent / Outdent actions available on the Module menu. You can also use drag and drop operations to manage Task hierarchy as needed.

To create a sub-task using the Sub-Tasks tab:

  1. Open the corresponding Project Task record.

  2. Click the Sub-Tasks tab.

  3. Click New > Sub-Task on the module menu and enter required information. Alternatively you can use the Create Sub-Task action.

  4. Click Save.