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Hiding and showing detail reports in the Print menu

Introduced in 2024

When you want to temporary disable an unneeded detail report or a report which layout is not finished yet, you can hide it from the Print menu. Once a report is hidden, it is hidden from the Print menu of all objects of the target class. When you are ready to enable a hidden detail report, you can show it in the Print menu.

For users of previous versions:
The detail reports imported from a previous version are initially hidden from the Print menu.

To hide or show a detail report in the Print menu:

  1. Open the details window for any object of the target class (for example, if you want to hide a detail report for Work Orders, open any Work Order).

  2. On the Module menu, choose Print > Manage Reports. The Manage Reports window appears.

  3. Reports visible in the Print menu have an uncrossed eye icon in the Visible column. To hide a report, click on the uncrossed eye icon next to it. For hidden reports, the icon appears crossed. To show a hidden report, click on the crossed eye icon.

  4. Click Close to close the Manage Reports window.