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Customizing summary report layouts

To customize reports, you need Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (or later) Report Builder (for details, see Supported formats and required software):

Customizing summary reports from outside of Alloy Navigator

This implies that you save the layout of a summary report to an external report file, make your changes using Microsoft Report Builder, and then replace the report with the customized report file.

To customize a summary report layout:

  1. Choose Reports from the navigation menu and open a desired report category from the Categories pane.

  2. Save the layout of your report to a report file as follows:

    1. In the Reports grid, click the report and choose Organize > Save from the module menu.

    2. The report will be saved to your download folder. The file name will be the same as the report name.

  3. Open the saved report file and modify the report layout as needed. For details, see your reporting software documentation.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. In the Web App, go back to the Report List and replace the report with your report file:

    1. In the Reports grid, click the report and choose Organize > Replace from the module menu.

    2. Select the source report file and click Open.