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General tab

The General tab of a Group record details the information about the group in the following fields:

  • ID - shows the automatically generated number of the Group record.

  • Status - shows the status of the Group.

  • Type - displays the Group type. The list of types is defined by your Alloy Navigator administrator.

  • Name - shows the Group name.

  • E-mail - displays one or several e-mail addresses of the Group. Multiple e-mail addresses must be separated by commas.

  • Manager - shows the name of the person assigned as the Group manager.

  • Technicians Only - defines whether the group is for technicians only or not.

  • Members section - displays persons included in this Group. Above the grid, the toolbar is shown that allows managing this list:

    • Add - opens the Select Person window where you choose the person to add to the Group.

      Remove - excludes the selected person from the Group.

      Order - opens the Group Members Order window, where you can set the order of group members.

The General tab may also display various user-defined fields in an additional section if your Alloy Navigator administrator has configured them accordingly. The default name of this section is "Custom Data", although your Alloy Navigator administrator may have renamed this section.

NOTE: User-defined fields can appear also on the Custom Data tab (this is the default name of the tab; it can be renamed by your Alloy Navigator administrator).