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Deleting records

Unless you have a specific reason for permanently deleting records from the database, it’s recommended that you use specific reserved statuses to mark unused records. For example: instead of removing a CI, you can mark it as retired, instead of deleting a Person record, you can make it inactive, etc.

Records marked with specific status can be isolated from the workflow using the view filtering and the customization of workflow items, which can be performed by your Alloy Navigator administrator. For details, see Using the Advanced Filter and Workflow Management.

Alloy Navigator supports both manual deletion of records and automatic removal of inactive unused records that can be configured by the Alloy Navigator administrator. For details, see Archiving records.

To manually delete one or more records:

  1. Select the records to delete.

  2. Click the Actions > Delete on the Module menu.

NOTE: You cannot delete a record that has dependencies with other records. For details, see Showing Dependencies.