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Using snippets

This article describes how to use snippets in Alloy Navigator. Snippets are blocks of reusable text, which allow you to avoid repetitive typing the same content. For example, you can insert snippets in your signature, standard replies and troubleshooting recipes, most frequent activities and descriptions.

There are two types of snippets in Alloy Navigator:

  • Shared snippets - available for multiple technicians, created by the Alloy Navigator administrator in the Settings App.

  • Personal snippets - available only for you, created by you in the Desktop App or the Web App.

Choose your task and see detailed instructions:

NOTE: To be able to use shared snippets or manage personal snippets, you must have the corresponding security permission, which is granted by the Alloy Navigator administrator.

Snippets dialog box

You use the Snippets dialog box to insert a snippet into a text field, to create or modify a personal snippet, and to change the snippet category. To access the Snippets dialog box, select Insert > Snippets from the Module menu or press F4 in a text field.

  • Snippet Categories pane - displays snippet categories.

  • The Module menu above the categories pane includes the following buttons:

  • The category tree contains these categories:

    • Recent - includes the snippets that you have inserted recently (both shared and personal).

    • All - includes all snippets, both shared and personal.

    • Shared - all categories for shared snippets.

    • Personal - all categories you have created for your personal snippets.

  • Workspace pane - lists all snippets in the selected category.

  • The Module menu above the workspace pane includes the following buttons:

    • New - brings up the New Snippet dialog box, where you can create a new personal snippet. For details, see Creating personal snippets.

    • Edit - allows you to change the selected personal snippet. For details, see Creating personal snippets.

    • Delete - allows you delete the selected personal snippet. For details, see Creating personal snippets.

    • Refresh List - refreshes the snippet list.

    • Filter box - a standard filter box to navigate directly to the snippet you need. Type your text, and the grid will show only those snippets that contain the entered text.

  • Content pane - shows the content of the selected snippet.

  • Insert Snippet - inserts the selected snippet into the text field.