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Inserting snippets

When you have personal or shared snippets, you can quickly insert any of them when filling out various forms. Snippets can be inserted into virtually any text field.

To insert a snippet into a text field:

  1. Click the location where you want to insert a snippet and then click Insert > Snippets from the Module menu (alternatively, press F4). The Snippets dialog box opens.

    TIP: If you are inserting snippets within action forms (for details, see Action Bar), you can use the button.

  2. In the Snippet Categories pane, select the category that contain your snippet:

    • Recent - includes the snippets that you have inserted recently (both shared and personal)

    • All - includes all snippets, both shared and personal

    • Shared - contains all categories of shared snippets

    • IMPORTANT: To be able to use shared snippets, you must have the corresponding security permission, which is granted by the Alloy Navigator administrator.

    • Personal - contains all categories of your personal snippets

  3. In the workspace pane, on the right side of the Snippets dialog box, select the snippet and click Insert Snippet.

TIP: If your configuration contains many snippets, you can use a standard filter box to navigate directly to the snippet you need. Type your text in the filter box that appears above the grid of snippets. As you type, the grid will show only those snippets that contain the entered text.