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Relating objects

You can establish named relations between any Configuration Items, Tickets, Persons, Assets, Purchase Orders, Services, SLAs, Contracts, Library Items, and KB Articles and track the relations between these objects.

When establishing trackable relations, you must choose the relation type. Each relation type has two names that describe how the two objects are connected to each other. For example, a relation type can have names like "This printer is used by" and "This person uses this printer". You can sort, filter, and group records by relation name, allowing you to, for example, display a list of computers related to the same printer.

The list of object relation types is defined by your Alloy Navigator administrator.

To relate an object to another object:

  1. Open the record of the object you want to establish a relationship with.

  2. Click the Related Objects tab.

  3. Click Add Relation on the Module menu, and select the object using the Select object from list window (this window allows to use the Search tool described in Using the Search tool).

  4. Select the relation type from the Relationship Type list and click OK.

The selected object is added to the list on the Related Objects tab of the current record. At the same time, the current object is added to list on the Related Objects tab of the related object's record.