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Managing Mail Connector jobs

Introduced in 2023.1

The Mail Connector is a tool that can process incoming e-mail messages and convert them into Service Desk Tickets, as well as objects of many other types (Purchase Orders, Contracts, Knowledge Base Articles, etc.). The Mail Connector can also update existing objects with information from incoming e-mail messages. For more information on the Mail Connector, see Understanding the Mail Connector.

Most people need only one Mail Connector job. However, you can have several Mail Connector e-mail accounts dedicated to different groups of senders. Each Mail Connector job integrates with a single e-mail account for incoming messages. If you plan to use multiple e-mail addresses to integrate the Mail Connector with, you will have to create several Mail Connector jobs.

Managing Mail Connector jobs

In the E-Mail Processing > Mail Connector section, you can perform the following actions: