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Conflict Resolution Rule window

You use this window for configuring a conflict resolution rule. The rule defines which Computer fields to check for uniqueness when uploading the audit data, and which action to perform when a potentially duplicate Computer appears.

  • Rule Name - the rule name.

  • Description - the rule description.

  • The four rows for the four Computer fields that you can enable Alloy Navigator to check when comparing existing Computer record with new one uploaded from Alloy Discovery.

The following columns are available:

    • Enabled - enables the rule to use this field.

    • Fields in Discovery db and Navigator db - the fields of the compared Computer record:

      • Audit ID - the identifier created during the first audit to uniquely identify audited computers in the Alloy Discovery database

      • MAC - MAC address

      • Computer Name - computer name

      • Serial Num - serial number

    • Condition - the rule condition for comparing the filed values:

      • equals - the values (including blank) are equal

      • does not equal - the values are different

      • matches - the non-blank values are equal

      • does not match - the values are different or blank

  • Perform action - the action to perform when the rule condition is met (i.e. a conflict detected):

    • Overwrite an existing computer - the Computer record in Alloy Navigator will be overwritten by the audit data from Alloy Discovery

    • Put in the Conflict List for manual resolving - the conflict will appear in the Conflict List below the Conflict Policy section, where you will be able to view the details and decide whether to overwrite the existing Computer record or create a new one.