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Troubleshooting login issues

When you are trying to connect to Alloy Navigator, you may experience one of the following problems:

  • SQL connectivity issues - These errors are caused by connectivity issues between a user client computer and a SQL Server instance hosting a database.

  • Login failures - These errors occur if a user tries to log in to Alloy Navigator database with credentials that cannot be validated.

SQL connectivity issues

Alloy Navigator apps use the Database Access Key to access the Alloy Navigator database. This is a unique key generated automatically when you or another Alloy Navigator administrator creates or upgrades the database. A registered copy of this key must exist on each computer that requires access to the Alloy Navigator database, which means that the key must be distributed to all target computers. For details, see Database Access Key distribution.

The algorithm on how to resolve the majority of connectivity issues to SQL server is described in the SQL connectivity issues article.

Login failures

Here you can see the short list of common issues causing the login failures:

  • ClosedUser name or password is incorrect

    • Please check your user name and password and try again. Make sure that the CAPS LOCK key is turned off and check your keyboard layout.

    • Depending on the authentication type (Windows or Standard), Alloy Navigator expects different user input. Make sure that the technician provides the credentials properly. For details, see Log in failed.

    • If the technician has the account with Standard authentication and forgot the password, you can change the password from the Settings App. For details, see Changing password.

  • ClosedUser account does not exist

    If a technician attempts to log in to Alloy Navigator using the account that was recently deleted, the login fails. To resolve the issue, create a new account of the same type with the same credentials. For details, see Adding Alloy Navigator accounts.

  • ClosedUser account is disabled

    If a technician attempts to log in to Alloy Navigator using the account that was recently disabled, the connection fails. To resolve the issue, re-enable a technician account. For details, see Disabling or enabling user accounts.

  • ClosedPerson is inactive

    A technician associated with a retired or inactive Person is unable to access Alloy Navigator. To resolve the issue, activate the Person record (by performing Make Active workflow action). For details, see Marking Person records as inactive.