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Service Management

The Service Management module comprises two integrated components that work in concert:

  • Service Catalog - This component represents a list of services that a support organization provides to its internal or external customers. The Service Catalog contains the records for all the Service Catalog Items.

  • Services - This component contains the records for all the services provided by your Service Desk and/or IT department, or an external provider of IT services. For example, the services may include:

    • Reliable e-mail delivery,

    • High-speed internet access,

    • Desktop application support,

    • Guaranteed network performance,

    • 24/7 functionality for order entry systems,

    • Outsourced training,

    • Premier-level technical support.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) - This component contains the records for the agreements for providing each of the Services and its Service Levels. An SLA is a service agreement that documents the relationship between a provider of the services, that are your Service Desk, IT department, or external provider of IT services and receivers of these services. Essentially, the SLA defines the parameters by which the Service Desk or IT staff provides the various services for the target customer or customers.

This chapter includes the following sections: