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Work Orders tab

This tab displays the subordinate (child) Work Orders of this Ticket. Three data views are available:

  • All Descendants - displays a flat list of all descendants that the Ticket has, i.e. its subordinate Work Orders (children), the subordinate Work Orders of these subordinate Work Orders (grandchildren), etc. Unlike the Hierarchy Tree view, this view displays only Work Orders but not the relationships between them.

  • Children Only - displays only the subordinate Work Orders that the Ticket has (immediate children).

  • Hierarchy Tree - displays a hierarchical tree of all descendants that the Ticket has, i.e. its children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. Unlike the All Descendants view, this view displays the relationships between Work Orders. To expand a node and view the nested relations, click the black triangle on the left of the Work Order. To collapse a node, click the black triangle again.

    NOTE: You cannot move items up or down the tree on the tab.

You can manage subordinate Work Orders as follows:

  • To open a subordinate Work Order in a separate window, double-click it in the grid.

  • To create a new subordinate Work Order, perform Create Work Order action that is typically available for Tickets. Alternatively, you may click New on the Module menu and if the New menu contains commands for creating subordinate Work Orders, select the appropriate command.

  • To delete a subordinate Work Order, click it in the grid and click Delete.