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Approvals tab

Alloy Navigator supports triggering approval process for various requests and objects so you can manage and track the approval stages and human tasks involved in that process.

Typically, you can start the approval process by performing the Create Approval workflow action. All the information on the approvals is shown on the Approvals tab of the object details window. This tab allows you to manage the hierarchical tree of approval stages for this approval and all the related approval requests assigned for each approval stage. Basically, each approval request belongs to one of the approval modes:

  • A task is approved by a single nominated person. In this case, you need not configure any approval options.

  • A task is approved by a group of persons. This procedure can include various voting rules, a series of nominated approvers, voting time frame, etc.

NOTE: By default, the Create Approval workflow action is available for Change Requests, Incidents, Knowledge Base Articles, Purchase Orders, Service Requests, and Work Orders, but your Alloy Navigator administrator may create workflow actions for triggering the approval process for any other Alloy Navigator objects such as Documents or Problems.

Once an Approval Request is created, each participant in the approval chain reviews and complete his own task, adding his or her digital signature to the stack. When all of the workflow participants complete their workflow task, or when the specified number of people have provided their approval, the workflow ends. After it is completed, all the approval comments are consolidated and available on the Approvals tab. You can view or edit the details of the related approval stage and approval request by double-clicking its record in the grid.

TIP: By default, approval requests are also available from the Approval Requests grid. To view the details of the object to which the Approval Request applies, select its record in the grid and click the Approval Target button on the module menu.