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Publishing Knowledge Base on the Self Service Portal

Publishing the Knowledge Base on the Self Service Portal is the best way to share the knowledge about your services and products with your colleagues and customers alike. Self Service Portal enables its users to view knowledge base articles, search for information, sort and filter search results, and provide feedback. This article describes how to publish KB articles on the Self Service Portal.

By default, new Knowledge Base articles are "private," which means that they are invisible to Self Service Portal (SSP) customers when they search or browse the Knowledge Base. To make an Article available to SSP customers, you have to publish it by making it public.

Typically, you publish an Article by performing the Make Public workflow action, which is usually available for private articles in a Live status. To hide a published Article from SSP customers, you can make it private again by executing the Make Private action.

Alternatively, you can manage the visibility of an Article on the SSP by selecting or clearing the Visible in the Self Service Portal check box on the Article Content tab of the Article.