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Adding records

You create new object records by using the New submenu on the menu bar. This submenu also provides quick access to the recently used commands. Alternatively, you can create new object records using the New submenu of the Module menu. This submenu enables you to create objects of the same class that are already opened in the current grid view (the same submenu is available from the object record window).

NOTE: All workflow actions for creating objects are configured by your Alloy Navigator administrator.

To add an object record:

  1. To create an object record of any class, click File > New on the menu bar. In the opened window, click the object class in the left pane, then click the object type in the right pane, and click OK. As a result, a new dialog window opens.

  2. To add an object record of the same class from an object grid or any opened object record right-click anywhere in the corresponding object grid, click New, and then click the type of object that you want to create. As a result, a new dialog window opens.

    TIP: Your Alloy Navigator administrator might create a template that populates some fields with initial values.

  3. Fill out the object details as needed. Make sure you have filled out all the mandatory fields (they are marked with red asterisks), otherwise you won't be able to save the record.

  4. Click OK. Newly created object opens in a separate record window.

  5. Click OK

TIP: To create a subordinate record for objects with hierarchical structure (Locations, Organizations), first click the object to which you want to create the subordinate record, then click New > Sub-[Object Type] on the Module menu. To create a subordinate record for Project Tasks, use the Sub-Tasks tab of the Project Task record. For details, see Creating hierarchy of Tasks.