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Marking records with flags

Updated in 2022.2

You can add flags to your Alloy Navigator records, such as tickets, computers, or assets. Flags give you a visual cue and allows you to organize records in data views.

IMPORTANT: Flags are personal, i.e. they are visible only to you but not the other Alloy Navigator users.

Colored flags help you sort, filter, and group records. Flagged records display their flags in the Flag Status field in data views and on the detail forms.

NOTE: Before you begin, make sure that the Flag Status column marked with the flag icon is shown in the grid. If not, add the Flag Status field to the grid. For details, see Showing and hiding record fields.

To flag a record:

  • Right-click a record in the data view, and then click Flags > [Flag Color].

    Alternatively, you can flag a record from within the record detail window by clicking the Change Flag Status button on the Module menu and selecting the flag color that you want.

  • To clear the flag, select Clear Flag.