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General tab

The General tab contains the basic information about the Hardware device.

The information is organized in the following sections:

Upper untitled section - displays the Hardware device's name, the text description, and the date when it was "installed" or deployed.

Categorization section - shows the type and category of the Hardware device. The lists of types and categories are configured by your Alloy Navigator administrator.

Ownership Information section - lets you associate the Hardware with the Person who is responsible for the Hardware device and also with their Organization and Location. When the Organization, Owner, or Location field is filled out, you can open the person, organization, or location record correspondingly by clicking the field label that becomes a link.

Unnamed section - displays the Hardware device's picture. For details on managing the picture, see Adding, changing, or removing pictures for Computers and Hardware device records.

Identification section - specifies the Hardware device's serial number.

Product section - specifies the Hardware device's manufacturer, model, and product name. The Hardware device's manufacturer can be chosen from the Brands reference table, clicking the Manufacturer link open the selected Brand in a separate window.

The General tab may also display various user-defined fields in an additional section if your Alloy Navigator administrator has configured them accordingly. The default name of this section is "Custom Data", although your Alloy Navigator administrator may have renamed this section.

NOTE: User-defined fields can appear also on the Custom Data (this is the default name of the tab; it can be renamed by your Alloy Navigator administrator).