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Configuration tab

The Configuration tab shows the technical details of the Hardware device grouped in the following sections:

Upper untitled section - displays the Network to which the Hardware device was assigned and the Audit Date (the date of the last audit of the Hardware device).

IP Addresses section - lists the IP addresses assigned to the Hardware device (for details, see Assigning IP addresses to Computers and Hardware). The Module menu allows you to manage the IP addresses of the Hardware device:

  • Open - opens the selected IP address in the separate IP Address window.

  • Attach IP - allows to assign a new IP address to the Hardware device by specifying its details in the IP Address window.

  • Release IP - excludes the selected IP address from the list of Hardware device's IP addresses.

  • Set Primary IP Address - marks the selected IP address as "primary" for this Hardware device. You can change primary IP address manually. For details, see see Assigning IP addresses to Computers and Hardware.